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Děčín Zoo today

administrator | 27.01.2014

The zoo now spreads across an area of six hectares. Holding some 400 animals of over 150 species, it generally focuses on rare and little known species that cannot be encountered elsewhere in this country. One of the smaller institutions of its kind in terms of area and animal numbers, although it has expanded significantly since its inception, it is still one of the most beautiful zoos in the Czech Republic due to its woodland setting. A participant in nineteen EEPs (European Endangered Species Breeding Programmes), Děčín Zoo is a member of UCSZOO (Union of Czech and Slovak Zoological Gardens), IZE (International Zoo Educators Association), WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums), EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), ISIS (International Species Information System), and FFI (Fauna & Flora International).
The pleasant forested park makes it perfect for a family outing. In fact, it is families that Děčín Zoo has most wanted to attract, allowing visitors an unusual view into the world of animals, whilst boasting innovative learn-and-play opportunities for both children and adults. Everyone is sure to be in awe of the mighty grizzly bears, ranging in a state-of-the-art natural exhibit. The same applies to the impressive Mishmi takins. Meanwhile, it may be a surprise to learn that the fragile-looking vicuna has the softest fur in the world. What about the giant capybaras? Believe it or not, they are actually related to the popular pet guinea pig. If you are a bird lover, Děčín is home to small and bright-coloured perching birds of Indonesia inside the Bird House, which fly freely over your head. They are not the only inhabitants of this exhibit, sharing it with rare large cockatoos and wrinkled hornbills.
There is also much more to see at the zoo: South American tapir, Amur leopard, Malayan sun bear, fishing cat, red-crowned crane, taiga musk deer, West Caucasian tur, military macaws, maned wolf, European mink, Giant anteater, Visayan warty pig, wrinkled hornbill, etc.

Děčín Zoo is a great place for young visitors. In addition to a large area with a climbing tower and a rope trail, so your loved-ones can imitate monkeys, as well as a climbing wall, they can have fun not only inside the animal petting yard, but also as they explore the visitor area, as it is decorated with lots of interactive facilities and structures so they can get the most from the zoo. There are even several nature trails available.
When it comes to schools, Děčín Zoo offers several interactive education programmes. "ZooŠkola" (ZooSchool), the local education centre, is where one finds entertainment and information, whether attending a primary or secondary school or a pre-school facility. Clients of social care institutions are also welcome. Each of the programmes involves interacting with live animals, lots of natural specimens and sound recordings.