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Welcome on board!

administrator | 27.01.2014

Join us and discover the beauty of the Paradise Islands!

  • Réunion: the coral reef. The mysterious world of the sea is fascinating. An incredibly beautiful sight to landlubbers! Coral reefs resemble a blooming garden. What with organisms of various sorts of shapes and colours everywhere, corals are home to the most remarkable animals. The loss of coral reefs, however, is alarming.

  • Fiji: the mangrove coast. Land ahoy! We arrive on the islands of Fiji. At first glance, nothing spectacular greets us. Then there are strange trees growing in salt water, their roots penetrating the endless mud. Clouds of mosquitoes circle overhead. This is the mangrove forest – an environment with amazing animals that have perfectly adapted to the hostile surroundings. Having explored this mysterious world, we set sail again.

  • Sulawesi: the Asian tropical rainforest. We have reached Indonesia, the island of Sulawesi. During our explorations we shall discover the remnants of a primary tropical rainforest. Here we can find a large number of animals. At night, whilst exploring the virgin forest, we spot a member of the pygmy slow lorises. We continue the cruise in the morning.

  • Haiti: the semi-desert of the Caribbean Islands. The next leg of our journey takes a long time, and we spend several days on board. We sail the Caribbean Sea to anchor at the island of Haiti and set out to explore. The sun's heat proves severe for us and we slowly run out of water supplies, but everyone's surprised to see that even this arid habitat supports some remarkable animals.

You have now sailed around the world with us, and there was a lot to explore. What did we find out? We hoped to discover at least small remnants of paradise, but alas it was not as expected. Everything is now so disturbed and damaged that paradise essentially no longer exists. Does it still make sense to defend a paradise in such a state?

  • The answer can be found in the "ZooKlub" room - should you want to join us to embark on another journey of discovery and adventure, meet interesting people, explore faraway lands, learn something about the health of Mother Nature and take some action to help her, the voyage can continue. If you feel unsettled by the state of the last earthly paradises, come by "ZooKlub" to join in some of our activities, e.g. children's clubs, learning-by-experience programmes, the Ekofilm show and many more.

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