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Visiting regulations

administrator | 03.02.2021

The purposes of these Regulations for Visitors are, in particular, to ensure the safety of visitors and the zoo’s operator, to protect their health and property, and to keep the facilities and property on the zoo’s grounds safe and secure. Visitors to Děčín Zoo agree, by entering the complex, to these Regulations for Visitors, and are required to comply with the stipulations given below, which shall apply to the zoo’s grounds situated on the hill of Pastýřská stěna as well as to the separate exhibit of Rajské ostrovy (“Paradise Islands”):

  1. It is only possible to enter the zoo with a valid admission ticket, and only within specified operating hours which vary throughout the year. The admission ticket shall be kept available throughout the visit for potential inspection.
  2. The admission ticket constitutes a non-transferable document and permits a one-time entry to the zoo’s grounds; no re-entry is possible with the same ticket. The admission fee shall be not refunded as a result of change in weather, high volume in traffic, alteration in state of health, poor visitor experience or through expelling a visitor for violating these Regulations for Visitors.
  3. For safety reasons, children under 10 are only allowed to visit the zoo if accompanied by a responsible person (e.g. parents, accompanying teachers or other persons). For the purpose of these Regulations for Visitors, no member of the zoo’s staff (e.g. an educator) shall be deemed to be a person with such responsibility. Persons leading groups are to take responsibility for the conduct of the entire group.
  4. By entering the zoo’s grounds, the visitor gives their explicit consent to the use of photographs or audio/audio-visual/visual material featuring the visitor taken during their presence within the zoo’s grounds to promote and raise awareness of Děčín Zoo, without any entitlement to compensation and without time-related or geographical limitations. Persons who create any material described in the previous sentence shall always be visibly indicated as carrying out the same.
  5. Visitors should note that there is a CCTV system installed in the grounds of Děčín Zoo to keep the zoo grounds safe and secure and to monitor and ensure the safety of animals held at the zoo.
  6. Persons who show obvious signs of impairment as a result of consumption of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are not allowed to enter the premises. Such persons may be expelled from the zoo immediately without receiving any refund.
  7. There is a ban on entering the zoo with animals. This prohibition does not apply to guide and assistance dogs (which are to be visibly indicated as such). Dogs of this type must be kept on a lead and have been properly vaccinated; the visitor shall be required to prove the latter upon request. Standard safety and hygiene rules must be observed. In the event of a visit that involves a guide or assistance dog, the visitor is obliged to report this to the office staff at the entrance. Any entry into the zoo for the purpose of training a guide or assistance dog shall only be possible upon prior authorization by the zoo’s management.
  8. All animals receive feedstuffs that have been carefully selected and deemed appropriate to their needs and nature. There is a ban on feeding the animals in the zoo to prevent any risk to their health, while the animals are also not encouraged to beg. The only exemption applies to exhibits equipped with a feed dispenser. If a dispenser is empty, the amount for that day has been fully used up.
  9. Animals follow daily schedules. Please do not force them to become active through disturbing actions. Do not try to attract their attention with loud screams, tapping glass, etc. Playback of loud music, as well as any live music production and noise-making are not permitted. If you wish to see these animals active, please consider visiting the zoo at various times of the day.
  10. Movement within the zoo’s grounds is only possible on the marked roads. Passage beyond designated visitor routes or access to other private or service areas is not permitted. It is also not allowed to encroach beyond barriers at exhibits, put children on such barriers, lean over the barriers and stretch out one’s hands towards bars and into aviaries/cages/pens and other places designated for animals. Movement in the zoo’s grounds, outside of the car park, shall be on foot only. Exceptions comprise prams or pushchairs and mechanical/electric wheelchairs. Other means of transport shall only be used after prior approval by the zoo’s management. Bicycles, roller skates/blades, skateboards, scooters, children’s balance bikes, etc. are also prohibited, as is playing with a ball, throwing a frisbee, etc. A ban shall also apply to bringing inflatable balloons, play/other pyrotechnic items and other things that endanger the safety and health of persons and animals.
  11. The use of slides and other amenities is at the visitor’s own risk. Principles of safety must be observed and weather conditions taken into account. Accompanying persons shall be responsible for the safe use of amenities. Please respect the specific age limits denoted for the use of amenities.
  12. Visitors to the zoo shall treat other visitors, as well as the animals, plants and property, with care, and maintain order and cleanliness, especially when discarding waste, for which solely designated waste bins shall be used. Should any damage to the Zoo’s property/amenities/equipment occur, compensation will be required from the visitor.
  13. Smoking is prohibited throughout the grounds except where designated. The ban also applies to electronic cigarettes.
  14. While shooting video and taking photographs for private purposes is welcome, visitors shall be prohibited from climbing over handrails, water barriers/ditches and other means of prevention to enter prohibited areas and enclosures for animals during such activities. Images intended for commercial purposes require prior approval from the zoo management. Flash photography is prohibited. Please observe this stipulation.
  15. Requests for information should be directed to staff at the zoo’s entrance office, where the first-aid telephone and first-aid kit are also located if needed. Please also report any incident (e.g. personal injury) at the same office. EMERGENCY NUMBER: +420 603 474 059
  16. In the case of gross violation of these Regulations for Visitors, a member of staff at the zoo shall be authorised to call the police, who may choose to remove offenders from the premises. Failure to comply with these Regulations for Visitors shall result in the zoo being not liable for bodily injury or damage to the property of visitors incurred in connection with such a violation. If injury is caused to a visitor or damage caused to their property, the visitor is required to prove that the event did not occur through violation of these Regulations for Visitors.