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What is animal adoption?

administrator | 27.01.2014

What is animal adoption?

This scheme means that annual costs are covered for feeding, veterinary care, management, heating, etc. of your chosen animal. For a list of animals, please click HERE.

How much should I donate?

The annual prices given for the respective animals are only a guide. You can donate any amount, depending on your inclination and finances. The minimum amount is 1.000 CZK / 40 EUR.

What animal I can adopt?

You can choose any animal that is on display at our zoo (find the list here). It depends on whether you want an animal that has not yet been adopted or to share one between multiple donors. If you want to participate in adopting a creature that someone else has already adopted, and the exhibit displays a sign with the relevant information, it is possible to adopt this animal as well.

What do I get for adoption?

Adoption involves the conclusion of an adoption agreement for one year. As a donor you receive an adoption agreement, adoption certificate and, based on the amount donated, a free ticket to Děčín Zoo to visit your animal. Plus, you feel great for having done it, of course. As a thank-you from the zoo, you shall be invited to an event called “The Day for Adopters, Supporters and Friends of the Zoo”.

What is an adoption agreement?

We use a template agreement that is written in the form of a receipt for a donation to feed animals at Děčín Zoo. The amount donated can potentially be included in an annual income tax return.

How do I organise adoption?

  • Via email: marketing[at]
  • Via landline: +420 412 531 626
  • Via standard post: Zoo Děčín - Pastýřská stěna, p.o., Žižkova 1286/15, 405 02  Děčín 4, Czech Republic
  • Online: Fill in the form here

Do I have to come in person to sign the agreement?

The choice is either to have your agreement posted to you or to pick it up at the zoo. Standard procedure is that the agreement is made in two copies, one of which shall belong to the adopter, while the other is retained by the zoo (it must always be sent back).

How do I pay?

We prefer, if possible, cashless payment (via bank transfer). However, you can also pay directly at the entrance office of the zoo or at that of the Paradise Islands Exhibit. Please always prearrange this with the zoo officer.

Can I pay in several instalments?

Unfortunately not.

When does adoption begin?

Adoption agreements take effect from the date of payment of the amount or by agreement (e.g., when intended as a gift for someone else).

Can I give the gift of animal adoption?

Yes. Whenever this is the case, you must fill out the name and address of the person arranging the adoption. In doing so, be sure not to forget the address that the agreement and the certificate are to be sent to.

Will the name of the adopter ever be published?

The name is shown on a notice placed beside the display of the adopted animal, as well as on the adoption agreement, in the zoo's annual report and on lists of adopters, such as for the purposes of councils, taxation authorities, etc. However, if you do not wish to disclose the name, we shall respect the decision.

What information should I provide?

  • Name and surname (or company name, if applicable)
  • Permanent address (or company's registered office, if applicable)
  • Postal address, if different from the permanent address
  • Name of the person organising the adoption, incl. contact details (or a person acting on behalf of a company, if applicable)
  • Legal entity's registration number (if applicable)
  • The animal of your choice (please see the list here)
  • The amount to be donated (minimum 1.000 CZK / 40 EUR)

Have you not found an answer to your question? Then please email us at marketing[at]